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“Dr. Kane is not only an excellent orthopedic surgeon, but he is also the ‘Best Doctor’ I know. I recommend him without hesitation. From the day I met him, he made me feel relaxed, safe, at ease and like a member of his family. He is compassionate, easy to talk with and very approachable.”

—Sarah S.

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Hawaii’s newest and most patient-oriented orthopedic care center is the Kane Orthopedic Institute (KOI). Located in Honolulu, adjacent to the nationally respected Queen’s Medical Center, KOI is a near-concierge provider of orthopedic diagnosis and care of hip, knee, shoulder, sports medicine, and orthopedic trauma cases.

The institute is headed by its founder and Chief Orthopedic Director, Dr. Thomas J. Kane, III, who is also the current Director of Queen’s Medical Joint Reconstruction Center and Chief of Adult Joint Reconstruction at the University of Hawaii. KOI offers the most experienced, highest-qualified orthopedic care to patients who seek the maximum results from their orthopedic concerns. Dr. Kane’s experience, with over 9000 orthopedic procedures, uniquely qualifies him to diagnose the optimum course of treatment to return the patient to a pain-free life, with the shortest recovery period. KOI offers both non-surgical and surgical treatment to remedy pain. If surgery is recommended, KOI performs state-of-the-art procedures including less invasive knee and hip replacement surgery, and hip, shoulder and knee arthoscopic procedures. All are done in combination with the latest anesthetic pain management rehabilitation techniques. At KOI, each patient is given individual attention not offered by most medical practitioners:

  • An appointment is scheduled for the patient within 48 hours of their call.
  • KOI is staffed with orthopedic-specific registered nurses.
  • Each patient goes through the KOI Diagnosis Method. This process is a thorough analysis of the patient’s concerns. It ensures the patient’s complete understanding of the issues, treatment options, and realistic, expected results.
  • Dr. Kane personally takes the time to answer all questions from the patients.
  • Required patient treatment is scheduled by KOI clinical specialists.
  • Patient after-care is arranged by KOI clinical specialists.
  • Transportation, accommodations, and third party care can be arranged through KOI.

Kane Orthopedic Institute is setting new standards for orthopedic patient care. It continues to search for new and optimal solutions for relief of painful joints due to age, degeneration, sports, and arthritic conditions. If you are suffering from joint pain, schedule an appointment at KOI. Make each day your “Life in Motion.”

Tom Kane

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