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Patient care is one of the key hallmarks of the Kane Orthopedic Institute. We realize your time is valuable and your needs may require an immediate appointment. Therefore, it is our aim to schedule appointments for you within 48-hours of your call to ensure you have access to the best medical care. During your appointment, we take the time to focus on each patient’s individual story to make certain the right course of treatment begins with utilizing the Kane Diagnosis Method. We believe our superior attention to detail and personalized one-on-one time with our patients will deliver life-changing results. Ask us about a host of additional patient-related services we offer.



“Dr. Kane is not only an excellent orthopedic surgeon, but he is also the ‘Best Doctor’ I know. I recommend him without hesitation. From the day I met him, he made me feel relaxed, safe, at ease and like a member of his family. He is compassionate, easy to talk with and very approachable.”– Sarah S.

“Dr. Kane recreates and rebuilds super heroes! He is a super hero.”– Mary M.

“Dr. Kane is brilliant – and I do not exaggerate. He took me on after another orthopedic was not interested.”– Jane. A., Ph.D.

“After 2 total knee replacements, I am back to playing golf and walking 3 miles a day. Other people I know have had similar surgeries performed by other surgeons without such favorable results. Some are still using walkers and canes and experiencing pain.” – David T.

“Dr. Kane is not only upbeat and likeable, but he is the best surgeon. Besides fixing my knee, he also straightened that leg.” – Cathleen A.

“The best thing about my 2 knee surgeries is I am completely free of all pills and am in no pain. Dr. Kane is the best orthopedic physician, and his staff is very accommodating.” – Beverly L.

“From the very first time I met Dr. Kane, I knew I was in the very best of hands.” – Carole W.

“Dr. Kane has such a warm bedside manner and gives 100% attention to his patients. He is a remarkable and compassionate orthopedic surgeon.” – Patricia D.

“Dr. Kane really took the time to ask me questions and share his stories of how he helped others like me. He really cares about his patients and treats you like family. After my hip surgery, I feel 150% better!” – John A.

“The only regret I have is that I waited too long to do my hip surgery. Thanks to Dr. Kane, my life is pain free and back to normal.” – Robert A.

“I appreciate Dr. Kane’s sensitivity and his careful explanation of what I could expect.” – Judith K., Ph.D.

“Due to multiple sports injuries, I was no longer able to enjoy my active lifestyle. Thanks to Dr. Kane, I have resumed skiing and playing golf.” – Hal H.

“Dr. Kane shows true aloha spirit. He cares! Put your trust and faith in Dr. Kane and his team and wonderful results will come your way.” – Andrew K.

“Dr. Kane truly is a miracle healer and has given life back to my mother. He made her senior years meaningful. Thank you for your kindness and courtesy.” – Wilbur S.

“I consider it an honor and a blessing to know Dr. Kane. He is indeed a wonderful physician and person.” – Theodora W.

“After my right hip replacement performed by Dr. Kane, it allowed me to return to all the outdoor activities I enjoy….like skiing and hiking. Thank you Dr. Kane for giving me back a normal active life.” – Hoagy G.

“Dr. Kane inspired me to take charge of my health. After 2 knee replacements, I lost 38 pounds by exercising regularly and eating smaller portions of healthier foods. I am a shopoholic and now I can go from one end of the Ala Moana Shopping Center to the other without difficulty.” – Edith L.

“At the age of 85, I travel often (walk up to the top of castles in Japan), and play golf without any pain. All thanks to Dr. Kane for 2 successful knee replacement surgeries performed at the same time.” – Charles M.

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