“My greatest satisfaction is seeing KOI’s patients after their treatments. It’s like we’ve given them a new zest for life.”


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WENDY - Orthopedic-Specific RN & RN Coordinator

A graduate of Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in Pittsburgh, PA, Wendy first worked on the orthopedic floor there for 4 years before coming to Hawaii.

Wendy was soon hired on the orthopedic floor at Queen’s Medical Center where she worked for 9 years. A short time later, she began working with Dr. Kane exclusively. Now 17 years later, Wendy continues to be an integral part of Dr. Kane’s team serving as RN Coordinator for KOI. Wendy is married with 1 daughter who is following in the footsteps of her mother and is in nursing school on the mainland.


Orthopedic-Specific RN & RN Coordinator

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